Call for Digital Fiction

While our art cannot, as we wish it could, save us from wars, privation, envy, greed, old age, or death, it can revitalize us amidst it all.
- Ray Bradbury
Resist by [art’s] form alone the course of the world, which permanently puts a pistol to [our] heads.
- Theodor Adorno

In support of the #resistance, Wonderbox Publishing is calling for digital fiction on the themes of “alternatives” and “resistance”. All works will be published through Wonderbox, and all sales & donations will be distributed to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and Planned Parenthood.

“Digital fiction” includes but is not limited to the following types of born-digital (requiring a digital device for form and/or function) narrative:

  • Hypertext*
  • Web fiction
  • Twine games
  • Interactive fiction
  • Flash-based fiction
  • Text adventure games
  • Multiple choice games
  • Mobile apps
  • Multimedia fiction

*Hypertext authors will also be given the option to have their texts converted to hyperbooks for publication through e-booksellers, for extended audience reach.